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Daphne Maurer

Emil Maurer, 1868-1908

Digital photography—introductory but not elementary

American bombing
Out of the Ashes

Federal debt by party. Surprise!

The World of the Newborn

Reading on an iPad
Visual stress (section of above entitled "Tint")

Using fonts sensibly
How to make effective presentations in Keynote or Powerpoint if you are not a graphic designer
Publicity photos: what makes a good one

Sheet music inventory
A Child's Garden of Verses
Kegelstatt Trio
Fox/Benade clarinet

Africa (91)
Antarctica (63)
Australia— Outback (33)
Australia— Tasmania (12)
Cambodia (8)
Canada— Newfoundland (24)
Canada— Ontario (12)
Canada— Yukon (11)
China— South (96)
China— West (18)
China— Southeast (22)
Greece (23)
India— Himalaya 2004 (70)
India— Himalaya 2006 (43)
Indonesia (13)
Laos (41)
New Zealand (15)
Peru (47)
Thailand (44)
Turkey (38)
USA— Arizona (23)
USA— California (17)
          These are miscellaneous stock photographs that are
          available in digital form. The originals have sufficient
          quality to be reproduced as pages, spreads or posters .
Commercial Miscellany (5)
Portraits (31)

Sampling of posters for the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto

Safe cycling in winter
Employment equity legislation ( I , II , III )

Our Right to Know
The History of Hamas from CBC's The Current (24' mp3)

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