A Foxy New Clarinet

Arthur Benade's legendary NX clarinet has been realized by Stephen Fox.

This review contains some text plus seven sound samples of about 100K apiece. It is available in two forms:

(1) The more basic contains links that you can click on to download each of the sound files invidually. Those files will appear on your disk wherever downloaded files usually appear and they ought to be playable by whatever means you have at hand to play QuickTime ".mov" files.

(2) A more convenient form embeds sound players in the text and downloads the sounds while you are reading it. Using it requires a browser that can use a plug-in to play QuickTime ".mov" files. This page ought to work with any browser on a Macintosh. Under Windows it will probably work with Netscape/Mozilla or Opera but it may not work with Internet Express.

If you have no software to play ".mov" files, you can download a free QuickTime player or plug-in for Windows or Macintosh here.