Has the camera stopped working in Zoom on your Mac?

First check the obvious: make sure that nothing is blocking the camera, and if you have more than one camera, make sure that the one you are trying to use is plugged in and is selected in Zoom's video settings.

If those aren't the problem, then the fault probably lies in one or two processes of the operating system that are going on in the background. You can either restart your computer or—quicker—you can search for those processes and force them to restart. To do the latter:

  1. Quit Zoom and any other open application that uses the camera.
  2. Open the application Activity Monitor. It's with all of your other applications in the folder named "Applications".
  3. In the search field (upper right), type "VDCAssistant".
  4. VDCAssistant will appear as the only item on a list. Click on it to select it.
  5. Click on the button labelled with an X in the top left-hand corner of the window.
  6. Enter an administrator's name and password then click on "Quit process".
  7. If the camera still does not work, repeat step 3 looking for "AppleCameraAssistant". If it appears, repeat steps 4-6.