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Daphne Maurer
CV and links to papers
Vision Screening

Backgrounder: Misconceptions of Memory and Trauma

McMaster's Imaginary Sex Ring and Lessons from an Academic Social Panic by Jonathan Kay

Pretty Ugly: Why we like some songs, faces, foods, plays, pictures, poems, etc., and dislike others
The World of the Newborn

Sensible fonts
Powerpoint presentations: how to make an effective one if you're not a graphic designer
Publicity photos: what makes a good one
Portfolio of posters

Digital photography—introductory but not elementary
Fujifilm XQ1: A Professional Point-and-Shoot?
The Lazy Man's New Camera: the Fujifilm X-E2
How Not to Buy a Digital Camera
Digital Ain't Film: Modern Photo Editing
Colour & Computers (and FAQ )
A Feast for the Fridge: Printing Digital Pictures

U.S. bombing
Canadian federal debt by party: Surprise!

Dyslexia, migraines, autism, epilepsy? This points to a section of an (otherwise irrelevant) article that may help. It deals with Arnold Wilkins's research on visual stress and was written with his aid and advice.

Has your camera stopped working in Zoom?
Reading on an iPad
English grammar
Safe cycling in winter
Emil Maurer, 1868-1908

Sheet music inventory
A Child's Garden of Verses
Kegelstatt Trio
Fox/Benade clarinet

Portraits (35)
Hot & Sharp (12)

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Commercial Miscellany (5)

These are miscellaneous stock
photographs available in digital
form. The originals have sufficient
quality to be reproduced as pages,
spreads or posters . Contact:

Antique soapboxes
Out of the Ashes
Employment equity legislation ( I , II , III )


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